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MDF Airport Holding


The MDF Airport Holding unites the subsidiaries Leipzig / Halle Airport GmbH, Dresden Airport GmbH and PortGround GmbH under one roof. With its airports in Leipzig / Halle and Dresden, the group operates and develops a high-performance, efficient, customer-oriented and service-friendly aviation infrastructure in central Germany.

I got asked to come up with a vision for their redesign. The challenge was to visually combine the two airports, but to still give the user at every time the possibility to differentiate them. I developed therefore two design principles which were applied to both sides.

1. Principle of the course of the sun:
Since one airport is more in the east of germany and one more in the west, the course of the sun matched geographically. It also matched already existing brand colors perfectly. So the user is able to differentiate the airport websites already at the stage visual – one for dusk, one for dawn.

2. Principle of the levels:
When you fly with an aircraft, you enter different levels. Sometimes it is even more visual if you see clouds. This is why I have decided to give teaser, buttons, etc. different levels. Active states are for example one level up. Advertisement is for example one level behind. This gives you also the additional feeling of looking through a window or seeing teaser vanishing in clouds.




MDF Airport Holding


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